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Four days of trainings | 5 different trainings

10th to the 13th of October | Espace Vinci, Rue des Jeuneurs, Paris, France

Trainings are well known to be opportunities to quickly bootstrap yourself into a new vulnerability research field, usually allowing oneself to “gain” several weeks of trial and error when dealing with an unfamiliar technology. And even if you’re well versed in the domain it still does not hurt to be able to ask questions to an internationally reputed expert on the subject :D

They are also a good way to meet linked minded people interested in the same niche domain as you and seamlessly network with people from the community.

Trainings are voluntarily limited in capacity in order to keep a ratio trainer to students acceptable so don’t wait too long before badgering your boss about going to one !


The training sessions are not located in the conference venue, but instead at “Espace Vinci”, rue des Jeuneurs in the 2nd sector of Paris (between Chatelet les Halles and the GrĂ©vin museum). Please take it into account when booking an hotel if you intend to go to a training and to the conference afterwards.

Why should you attend our trainings

Benefit from carefully selected trainers and high-quality content

We prioritize already experienced trainers and the training material is extensively reviewed before being accepted.

An ideal occasion to meet and share with your peers

The intimate atmosphere of the trainings and the proximity to the trainer foster emulation and discussions.

We pay particular attention to logistical details that will make your stay as pleasant as possible

We are used to organize private trainings and some of us are trainer as well. Enjoy some freshly cooked French meals every day.


What you will discover during Hexacon 2022

Android Kernel Security

Vitaly Nikolenko

Hunting and Reversing UEFI Firmware Implants

Alex Matrosov

Hypervisor development for security analysis

Satoshi Tanda

Practical Baseband Exploitation

Nitay Artenstein & Pedro Ribeiro

Windows Internals for Security Engineers

Yarden Shafir

But also ...


High quality talks


Members of the awesome organisation team


Litres of beer prepared